Vegan living is easy, meaningful, makes a difference, changes the status quo, it is delicious and rocks. HOME is our wish, our need and our answer. HOME is a welcome, friendly and safe, creative social cafe for Dublin city. HOME welcomes poetry, music, art, learning and socially engaged projects into its heart. HOME welcomes the community inside to enjoy a warm greeting, satisfying, affordable and tasty vegan food. Being Vegan is the way to stop animal cruelty, ecological destruction, social injustice, create equality, restore health, sustain life. Everyone needs a HOME. HOME is a place for everyone.

HOME cafe only serves vegan food. We have hot options, salads,cakes, desserts, raw options. We try to be affordable use organic ingredients where ever we can, GMO free. All our sweets are sugar free. We try not to use palm oil.

Every Tuesday 5.30- 9pm Exchange Dublin http://www.exchangedublin.ie/about


Volunteers are welcome to work alongside us. We donate a portion of all moneys generated after overheads to Vegan, Animal Rights and compatible projects.  We operate a Kindness Cafe offering free vegan meals to everyone, primarily used by people at risk of social exclusion like homeless people. We support Vegan growers and use organic and local foods wherever possible.


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